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Sarah Murdoch features in non-airbrushed pic to tackle body image issue

Posted on: October 27, 2009

Sarah MurdochModel Sarah Murdoch has featured on the cover of the latest issue of the Australian Women”s Weekly in an untouched photograph to set an example before women, who she believes should “embrace the beauty of ageing”.

“I think when I”m retouched in photographs it”s worse, because when people see me in real life, they go, ”Oh, God, isn”t she old?,” News.com.au quoted Murdoch, as telling the mag.

She added: “It makes me mad that we can”t embrace the beauty of ageing, because we”re all going to do it.

“It”s women competing against women, they”re not doing it for their husbands.

“It”s because their best friend doesn”t have as many lines as they have, maybe.

“God forbid if I ever do decide to do something!”

The mag’s editor Helen McCabe revealed that Murdoch had wanted her photo to be airbrushed lightly but agreed when the idea of a completely untouched photo was given to her.

McCabe said: “It”s certainly not been done in any recent history of the Weekly.”

However, McCabe was not sure if Murdoch”s case could set a precedent.

She said: “I can”t possibly commit to that, I”m a realist.

“There are real business imperatives why magazines have gone this way, it”s a very competitive industry and I”m at this stage just taking a little baby step and seeing how this goes for now.”

“The one point I have to make is that this is possibly one of, if not the most beautiful woman in Australia that I”ve done this to, so the risk is not that high,” McCabe added.


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