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MJ’s triple ‘Thriller’ creditors file new claims

Posted on: October 30, 2009

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson’s creditors list is increasing every day, and this time it’s a triple ‘Thriller’ that has joined the bandwagon.

The ‘Thriller’ video”s director, the company behind the promo and the man who produced it have all filed for claims, demanding cash they allegedly owed from the late King of Pop, reports The Daily Express.

Filmmaker John Landis has claimed Jackson owed him more than 250,000 pounds from a deal the pop superstar made to take Thriller to Broadway.

Ands the bosses of Levitsky Productions, the company which hired Landis to write and make the hit video and documentary, have said that they are due 625,000 pounds in royalties.

In addition, producer George Folsey Jr. has alleged that Jackson failed to pay him his share of Thriller-related merchandise.

According to TMZ.com, he”s asking for at least 625,000 pounds from the late star”s estate.


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