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Cheryl Cole ‘targeted in big money internet sex plot’

Posted on: November 8, 2009

A British man has threatened ChCheryl Coleeryl Cole to pay him millions of pounds or he would continue to shame her with a porn X-rated website, it has emerged.

The 55-year-old Martin McCann owns the rights of cherylcole.cc, a site through which he has already started embarrassing the X Factor judge.

The webpage shows pics of the 26-year-old Cole next to the words “3 Words: Sex Sex Sex”.

And McCann has no plans to relent.

He plans to post loads of nude photos on the site or sell the to a porn firm unless Cole buys the site herself.

“If Cheryl wants it she can have it but only for the right money,” the Daily Star quoted McCann, as saying.

The India-based McCann, originally from Harrow, Middlesex, had tried his luck with David Beckham last year, when he had demanded 5million pounds to stop making condom’s named after the footie’s three sons.


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