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Peter Andre ”furious” with Katie Price after ”terminations” disclosure

Posted on: November 8, 2009

peter andre jordanPeter Andre is furious with ex-wife Katie Price after she revealed in a recent interview that she had undergone abortions while living with him, sources say.

“He sees this as the ultimate betrayal. Is there anything in her life which she won”t sell?” the News of the World quoted a source as saying.

The revelation of the termination in autumn last year has apparently shocked the ”Mysterious Girl” hitmaker more than her earlier disclosure in an interview with Piers Morgan about a miscarriage she had in April this year.

She said in the most recent interview: “I”ve lost quite a few babies with Pete and I”ve had to have terminations with Pete.

“When I fell pregnant after surgery, my body wasn”t ready for it. I”ll always be worried that I will miscarry again.”

However, it is not clear if the word “terminations” means more than one abortion or includes miscarriages.

The insider added: “An abortion is one of the most personal and private things that a couple can go through and Jordan just throws this into a magazine interview.

“Pete has always been passionately anti-abortion and Jordan knows that.

“It”s terrible she feels the need to talk about this so publicly. It drags up a whole lot of emotions for Pete when he just wants to move on.

“Pete keeps thinking about those lost children. Everyone knows how much he loves kids. It”s so insensitive. And she wonders why the marriage is over.”

Another source added: “Pete couldn”t believe what he was reading. Not just that she would take money to reveal something so personal but she would do so without telling him first.

“We all know that Jordan is insensitive and selfish but this really is a new low. It”s as if she had no emotional connection to what had gone on. She drops this bombshell in an interview in a magazine and dismisses it in a few quotes.

“The autumn abortion was towards the end of the marriage and there were so many issues between them already.

“Any doubts Pete has now that he shouldn”t have left have long since disappeared. But reading this interview made him question how he could have got together with Jordan in the first place. He is still in shock about it.”

Price was reportedly paid 50,000 pounds for the interview.


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