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Madonna”s son Rocco, Becks’ kid Cruz set to become UK’s richest celebs

Posted on: November 19, 2009

Madonna”s son Rocco and David Beckham’s kid Cruz are about to become the UK’s richest celebs, courtesy four attributes – star quality, likely inheritance, talent and love of the camera.

In a report, which assessed famous children’s potential value over the next 20 years, the youngsters were rated as the top “Power Pups of the Future”, reports The Daily Star.

The study based on the four attributes found that in the next two decades the two lads will be worth far more than Princes William and Harry.

Rocco, nine, could eventually be worth 376 million pounds, the study predicted.

And Cruz, four, pipped brothers Romeo, seven, and Brooklyn, 10, into seventh and eighth place respectively with an estimated future worth of 341million pounds.

In all categories Rocco scored 10 out of 10, and so did Cruz.

Harry, 25, and William, 27, trailed in ninth and 10th, with estimated future fortunes of 198.5million pounds and 178.5million pounds respectively.

Celebrity expert Mark Frith said: “Rocco will earn a fortune from Mum and a fair bit from Dad.

“But it’s his full marks in our other three rankings that power him to the No 1 place.”

Cartoon Network carried out the study for its Ben’s 10 Awards for talented children.


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