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Brittany Murphy”s husband ”tried to commit suicide”

Posted on: January 9, 2010

Late actress Brittany Murphy”s grieving husband Simon Monjack considered committing suicide following the actress” death.

Monjack”s mother Linda revealed that the tragedy has devastated Monjack.

“Simon is exactly as you would expect someone to be who has just lost the woman he loved,” the Daily Express quoted her as saying.

She added: “Some days he wants to kill himself, and other days he seems to be coping better. He is distraught. I speak to him everyday, and he is often in tears.”

Linda explained why Monjack initially did not want an autopsy of the actress to be conducted.

She said: “He didn”t want the autopsy (in the beginning) for the reason that anybody wouldn”t want his nearest and dearest to be cut open. He realised pretty quickly that he had to agree to it, and he”s waiting for the results. He wants to know what happened.”

However, Monjack has developed a strong bond with the ”Eight Mile” actress” mother Sharon.

Linda added: “He”s very strong, and he”s got Sharon. They”re very close, and they”re keeping each other going. Simon”s life has been shattered. He needs closure to be able to get on with it.

“They truly loved each other. I don”t think they ever spent more than a few days apart. They were going to start a family this year.”

Recollecting the day before Murphy”s death on 20 December due to a cardiac arrest, she said: “Everything sounded normal and fine. It was a three-way conversation, with her laughing and talking to me in the background… She seemed in good spirits.”


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