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Jackson’s spirit seeks apology from ex-wife

Posted on: February 11, 2010

Late pop legend Michael Jackson’s “unsettled” spirit has apparently begged ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley to forgive him at a seance, her friend Karen Fayehas revealed.

Faye, who was Jackson’s make-up artist, said she and Marie Presley, 42, contacted the King of Pop using a psychic last week where he asked for forgiveness for his wrongs to her, reports thesun.co.uk.

“He seemed to be on a mission to reach out to people in his life and be forgiven. Michael spent his time explaining his faults and wanting us to forgive him. He seemed unsettled,” said Faye.

Faye insisted the medium had “no idea” of their link to Jackson, who died aged 50 last June.

“There were definite, deep insights that would have been difficult to make up. It was detailed on the inner dynamics of his family and his levels of pain and emotional inability,” she said.

She further informed Jackson would not discuss manslaughter charges faced by his doctor Conrad Murray in Los Angeles.

“He said he was detached from things,” he said.

Jackson married Marie Presley in 1994 before splitting after 18 months.


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