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Victoria Beckham supports Cheryl Cole

Posted on: February 15, 2010

English singer Cheryl Cole is going through a marital crisis and Victoria Beckham has reportedly offered her a place to stay in her Los Angeles house.

Cole is furious over some explicit photos of her footballer husband Ashley being found in a topless model’s mobile, reports The Sun newspaper.

“Victoria just wants to make sure Cheryl is okay. The offer’s there and you can’t get a more relaxing and private environment than Vic’s Los Angeles home. If Cheryl needs some time to think and reflect, the Beckhams’ is the place to go,” said a source.

Cole became friendly with Victoria during the 2006 soccer World Cup in Germany, in which both their husbands were in the England squad.

Ashley has protested innocence over the pictures taken in June last year. He said he had taken the shots of himself for fun on an un-registered pay-as-you-go phone, then forgot to delete them before giving it to a friend. That person gave the mobile to another friend who sent the frames to one Sonia Wild, who replied with naked videos of herself.

One of the photos shows Ashley naked on a hotel bed.

Friends say the news is a huge blow to Cole as the couple have been rebuilding the trust in their relationship following claims that Ashley had cheated on her with a hairdresser in 2008.


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