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Cheryl Cole ‘dumps Ashley by text’

Posted on: February 22, 2010

Cheryl Cole has sent a text message to husband Ashley telling him their marriage is over, it has emerged.

The betrayed singer is believed to have sent the message after learning about her footballer husband”s five mistresses.

The Girls Aloud singer sent her angry text from Los Angeles.

She will reportedly return to the UK this week to officially announce the split to the world.

The singer has also asked the footballer to move out.

“Cheryl has decided enough is enough and she is going to divorce him,” the Sun quoted a close friend as saying.

“She has told Ashley to get out of the family home because she does not wish to see him.

“She has no desire to hear any more excuses or explanations.

“Grand gestures will not help either. When she left for America last week she wasn”t exactly sure of her future.

“She was wounded and embarrassed by the latest round of reports about Ashley”s cheating.

“But she had to put on a smile for the Brits.

“As soon as they were over, she just wanted to get away.

“But she was extremely upset and started making plans for divorce then.

“Cheryl wants to stay in the marital home and feels he should be the one to move out.

“The time for any more excuses or promises is over.

“She wants to have put a statement out by the end of the week so she can start moving on.

“She has no desire to humiliate Ashley further and wishes to proceed in a dignified manner,” the pal added.


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