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Ashley knows how exactly I feel; says Cheryl Cole

Posted on: March 26, 2010

Breaking silence for the first time after splitting from her husband Ashley Cole, singer-actress Cheryl said the Chelsea footballer was perfectly aware of her feelings.

“I find it crazy that people would think I use this as some sort of message. Believe it or not Ashley is fully aware of any situation going on in our personal lives,” Cheryl wrote in a message on Twitter while responding to reports about “waggling” her wedding ring-free finger.

The “Girls Aloud” star explained: “I just wanted to clear up the stories about whether I am wearing my wedding ring in my own words as this has been going on for too long and is getting boring.

“It is not some silly game I am playing. That is not me and not my style. There have been many occasions where I have not worn my wedding ring, many of those when I was pictured with Ashley”.

The 26-year-old “X Factor” judge, who is currently in Paris on a promotional tour, insisted that she was not sending out a cryptic message to Ashley, writing, almost defensively: “He does not need to see a picture of me moving the hair out of my face to explain anything”, according to dailymail.co.uk.

She mentioned about her relationship with Ashley for the first time since announcing her separation from him last month following claims that he had cheated on her with a string of affairs with other women.

The defensive nature of her retort may lead some to question whether Cheryl is considering a reconciliation with Ashley. And judging by her comments, it would seem she is still in touch with him, the report said.

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