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Kristen Stewart impresses Aussie fans after photog flipping the bird episode

Posted on: June 2, 2010

After showing her middle finger to photogs on her arrival to Sydney, Twilight star Kristen Stewart showed her warn side to local fans who met her for a long autograph session.

Stewart was in Australia with Taylor Lautner to promote the third instalment of the vampire saga, out on July 1.

And she told Confidential how much she enjoyed walking the black carpet at Luna Park.

“Everybody was so cool there was no reason to leave. When there are so many people it can sometimes get really dangerous. But everybody was really nice and it didn”t get crazy,” the Daily Telegraph quoted Stewart as saying.

The actress was branded a brat after flipping the bird to photographers just hours after arriving in Sydney, but one fan, Genevieve Begg was impressed by the young actress” demeanour.

“She showed a completely different side on Monday night. She was great to her fans, smiling and stopping to talk to people, hugging them and giving them photos,” said Begg.


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