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Lindsay Lohan Gets Furious about Reality Show Producers

Posted on: June 25, 2010

Lindsay Lohan posted her negative opinion on her personal account on Twitter regarding the reality show producers in which she takes part at the moment. According to her, she is really furious about their allegations presenting her as a complete freak especially when she was reportedly 8 hours late for a photo session.
The reality show in which the star participates is called Double Exposure and is translated on Bravo. The actress will appear in the episode under the title “Is Lindsay Here Yet?” This show is about chic celebrity and fashion photographers with Indrani among them. According to the widespread rumours, he had a love affair with Lohan.
In that episode the show organizers made an apparent accent on the amount of time the thespian forced all the stylists and photographers wait for her. The professionals were showed as kept waiting, waiting and one more time waiting for the star.
Lindsay Lohan disappointedly reveals her true emotions that she feels so bad when she is used for ratings by the so-called “friends”, moreover, when they even lie for this purpose. According to the star, all that is shown in that episode is far more that untrue.


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