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Naomi Campbell is Going to Give Her Testimony at Charles Taylor’s Trial

Posted on: July 12, 2010

It has been spread by numerous tabloids that Naomi Campbell, an extremely popular and scandalous fashion model, is going to give her testimony at the war crimes trial of Charles Taylor, who is a former president of Liberia.

It is written in articles that Charles Taylor is charged with supporting the rebels in the civil war which broke out in Sierra Leone and lasted a long period of time – 11 years. It has been reported by the press that the former president of Liberia provided the rebels with his support if they fulfill his condition – they should have given diamonds and other natural resources to him. That incident was even called “blood diamonds” in public. However, it is not surprising that Charles Taylor denies that such an exchange of partner promises existed.
Naomi Campbell has been summoned by the prosecutors at Charles Taylor’s trial in The Hague to give her testimony a bit later this month concerning some reports that Taylor presented her with diamonds in 1997 during his reception South Africa.

A public relations company, the Outside Organization, which represents the model’s interests, revealed that the star will appear in court on July 29.


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