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John Krasinski and Emily Blunt Tie the Knot

Posted on: July 13, 2010

It has been confirmed by Access Hollywood that Oscar nominee Emily Blunt and “The Office’s” John Kraskinski have tied the knot.

The rep of John informed Access Hollywood that Emily and John got married on Saturday, and that their wedding ceremony was private.

Paparazzi managed to spot the couple in company of George Clooney on a yacht in Lake Como in Italy earlier that day.

Both George and John played star roles in “Leatherheads” in 2008.

30-year-old John Kraskinski started to date his 27-year-old British bride in November 2008. The couple got engaged in August 2009. Access Hollywood learned from John the details of his proposal a month after their official engagement.

Kraskinski joked that they were staying in Los Angeles at that time, and there were clouds, oceans, and unicorns there. And his beloved said yes. Moreover, according to John, he got down on one knee to make the scene more dramatic and romantic.

The star explained that he was the first to start crying, then Emily, and finally, all people around them were crying. He smiles that passers-by were not aware of the reason for their emotions, however they simply followed their example and started crying themselves.


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