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Halle Berry to battle sharks in new film

Posted on: August 2, 2010

Hollywood actress Halle Berry will be seen battling with great white sharks in her new film “Dark Tide”.

The 43-year-old star was seen wearing a flowered bikini and a black wetsuit as she prepared to get into a shark cage in Seal Island, False Bay in South Africa while filming a scene for the upcoming thriller.

Berry looked relaxed as she talked to the director before filming scenes alongside great white sharks. She is expected to get into the shark cage and dive among the creatures.

In the film, Berry plays the role of diving instructor Sara, who faces the difficult decision of getting back into the water following a near-fatal great white shark attack.

However, shark experts have criticised the film for giving great whites a bad name.

“After reading the script we decided it was not something we would like to put our names to,” said Alison Kock, a Save Our Seas Foundation shark conservationist near Simon’s Town, where the scenes were shot.

“Our mandate is to try to change people’s perceptions of sharks. The first script that we got sounded very much like it had a thriller aspect to it and a personal kind of aspect to it as well. But fighting off a shark, or surviving a shark attack – we couldn’t see the positive side of that, as much as we tried,” Kock added.


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