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Stephanie Pratt and Josh Hansen Tweet Their Split-up Feelings

Posted on: August 5, 2010

It has recently become known that one more person in Spencer Pratt’s family is currently coping with a breakup drama.

Not so long ago, Stephanie Pratt, his sister, split up with Josh Hansen, her motocross beau. This information was confirmed to PEOPLE by her lawyer.

Unfortunately, no further details of that break-up were provided, however, their relationship seems to have ended definitely not on amicable terms.

Hansen angrily Tweeted on Monday that it was another Stephanie Pratt’s dysfunctional move. He added that he had a feeling that the girl started her relations with her boyfriends in order to be dumped in the end.

The couple – Pratt, 24, and Hansen, 26 – met for the first time at a Hollywood nightclub through Brody Jenner. Their meeting coincided with The Hills last episodes. After that the duo’s romantic relations continued and they appeared on the red carpet together last month at the finale of the show’s series.

Stephanie immediately Tweeted back writing that it was Josh Hansen who was dumped. The girl asked her ex to stop acting like a kid. Her message finished with the following words “Now pls GO AWAY!!”


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