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Details of Lindsay Lohan’s Maxim Magazine Posing: Forthcoming Image Changes?

Posted on: August 6, 2010

Everybody knows that Lindsay Lohan was crying all the time in court. However, several days before that a sexy and an incredibly strong Lindsay posed for Maxim’s cover.

Maxim editor in chief Joe Levy confessed on “The Early Show” that the actress turned out to look sexy, strong and confident in the photographs.

According to him, it was a real chance for the star to make a statement when she was experiencing a difficult period at that time. Though, we are all aware that that period became even more difficult for the star after that photo session.

The press wonders at the moment whether an absolutely new image of the actress can emerge.

Erica Hill, “Early Show” co-anchor, wanted to know all the details of Lindsay Lohan’s behavior during the posing.

Levy informed that the girl was on time and was working hard – she was involved in the process all the time.

He said that it was their first shoot that started on time and finished early. It was really easy to work with the actress who cooperated with Matt Jones, their photographer.

According to Joe, Lohan genuinely wanted to leave her troublesome past behind her.


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