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Gisele Bundchen Advocates Breast-feeding

Posted on: August 6, 2010

Gisele Bundchen has become the highest paid supermodel in the world. She married Tom Brady, NFL superstar, and now is doing her best to become an expert at breast-feeding.

We all remember Brazilian model’s recent interview given to Harper’s Bazaar where she declared that absolutely all mothers to newly-born kids should be made breast-feed.

Bundchen, 30 said that, in her opinion, a worldwide law should be accepted forcing all mothers to breast-feed their tots for not less than six months.

She also criticized American women who refused to do that.

The star emotionally asked whether all those women preferred to feed their babies with chemical food at such a young age instead of breast-feeding them.

Though the star has been breast-feeding her son, who was called Benjamin, only for three weeks, she is deemed to be a United Nations earth mother. That is why this woman has the right of “motherly law” to state such things.

However, different people have different opinions concerning this issue. Dr. Manny Alvarez, who is chairman of OB/GYN at the Medical Center of Hackensack University and FoxNews.com’s senior managing health editor, is sure that it is solely a mother’s choice whether to breast-feed her baby or not though it is extremely healthy for tots.


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