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What is Known about Lindsay’s rehab?

Posted on: August 7, 2010

It has been reported by tabloids that Lindsay Lohan has been transferred to a rehab facility where her 90-day treatment started. Even some details about her life there have emerged.

We know that the star, 24, is at Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital, UCLA’s highly respected facility, where she is reportedly treated for both addiction and psychological issues.

People magazine was told by a source close to the rehab program that the star’s program would be customized and she would be helped cope with everything she was going through. At the same time, Lindsay shouldn’t count on any special treatment.

According to the rules of that hospital, celebrities are the same patients as ordinary people. That is why they have to adhere to general rules.

What concerns restrictions, they are the following: the actress is forbidden to use a mobile phone – only common room’s payphone, she can’t have any make-up and be dressed in clothes with ties or belts.

There will be special hours allocated for visits – though Lindsay’s movements around the hospital are limited a lot.

The star’s treatment will definitely include strictly administered medication, group and personal therapy. At the same time the actress will be able to boost her creativity as board games and jigsaw puzzles are available for her there.


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