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Melissa Rycroft Will Soon Become a Mummy and “Bachelor Pad” Co-Host

Posted on: August 11, 2010

It has become known that Melissa Rycroft, reality star, can be expecting her first kid.
Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush was told by one of co-hosts of “The Bachelor Pad” earlier this week that Melissa had total food aversion.

The brunette confesses that she still has a lot of time to think about pregnancy-related food preferences.
She said that they were due at the very end of February.

After Billy asked her whether the kid could be born on the romantic holiday, Melissa Rycroft replied that, of course, it could happen to be a Saint Valentine’s baby. However, it was not up to her to decide the timing.
Melissa said that she together with Tye hadn’t still chosen a name for their child yet. She laughed that she hadn’t thought about their kid’s future name at all.

Melissa is definitely more preoccupied with the forthcoming season of “Bachelor Pad,” the spin-off show of “Bachelor/Bachelorette.” The show’s premiere will be on ABC on Monday at 9 PM. If you are not aware, Rycroft’s co-host will be Chris Harrison.

She laughed that it felt far much better standing next to Harrison that standing across from him. In this phrase the star referred to Season 13 of “The Bachelor,” on which she participated.


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