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Cheryl Cole and Her Dancer Partner Derek Hough Have Romantic Relations

Posted on: August 16, 2010

Tabloids have been spreading rumors that there are romantic relations between Derek Hough and his dancer partner Cheryl Cole that have been lasing for months, despite the fact that they continue to assure everyone that they are “just good friends.”

Brian Friedman, X Factor choreographer, has recently confirmed that these young people are actually a couple.

Brian had plenty to say after he met both of them in Los Angeles where Cheryl had a bout of malaria and Derek was staying by her side.

He told the Daily Mirror that he had been in touch with Derek and Cheryl since they had been over in Los Angeles. According to him, he is really very close with this couple. Brian finds them amazing and thinks that they have made a good couple. All that he could add is that Derek and Cheryl are incredibly happy at the moment.

It was obvious judging by a number of occasions that Derek was sincerely devoted to Cheryl. He supported his star girlfriend when she was coping with malaria, and was always by her side after her break-up and divorce from her husband – Ashley Cole.


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