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Lindsay Lohan Won’t Face Early Death: Her Mother Believes

Posted on: August 16, 2010

Dina Lohan, Lindsay Lohan’s mother, has recently revealed to the press that the life of her daughter will come back to norm after she completes her 90-day treatment in rehab. The woman is sure that the Hollywood actress won’t face an untimely death. It is known that the star of Mean Girls was sentenced to jail this summer for her probation violation after 2007 arrest.

Instead of 90 days, the star served only 13 days in jail before she was transferred to a rehabilitation centre located in California. According to a court order, the star will have to spend 90 days in that medical facility where she is already being treated for drug addiction.

But Dina claims that the 24-year-old star is doing her best to rebuild her career and life in general and will definitely succeed in it if the paparazzi get off her back.
Contactmusic.com reproduced Dina’s words when she declared that she didn’t have a crystal ball and couldn’t foresee her precious daughter dying young.
Lindsay’s mother also adds that the actress will move back to New York after her 90-day treatment in rehab comes to an end. That will be done by the star in order to avoid Hollywood pressures.


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