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akon Late King of Pop Michael Jackson was ””never satisfied”” with his music, singer-and-producer Akon has revealed.

Akon said: “He was never satisfied. Like, we might have passed up ideas that I know for a fact were smashes. He”d be like, ”Nah, nah – we got to come up with something better.”

“We can never do better because his expectation was so high. It was almost to a point where we would have to get a record and I would believe in it and just put it out, because otherwise it would never come out because he always believed we could do better.”

Akon added that Michael was determined and focussed on his work, reports Contactmusic.

He said: “A lot of our memories in the studio is a lot about work, because he was so focused on trying to get the right material out that we didn”t really play around. Like, we talked, but we rarely joked, because at that moment, regardless of what we were doing it”s like, ”Lets get serious and really do what we came here to do.” ”

The 32-year-old said he and Michael worked well together because they had similar song-writing styles.

He explained to MTV News: “It was all about the melody, ”cause we both were melody guys. Everything started with the melody. We both would hum the melody and try to create the biz around it.”


AkonAkon recently thrilled Malaysian fans when he performed at the surf beach at Sunway Lagoon in Jaya, Malysia.

He kicked off the show titled ‘Akon Freedom Beach Concert,’ with the first song ‘Cross That Line.’

After which, the singer belted out his top hits including ‘Don’t Matter, Dangerous’, ‘I Wanna Love You,’ Smack That’ and ‘Sweet Escape’, reports The Star Online.

More than 15,000 people attended the 90-minute show and danced to his tunes, reports Star Online.

Akon had first performed in Malaysia in 2007.