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Beyonce Knowles has admitted that her worst habit is being untidy.

The singer, who is married to hip-hop mogul Jay-Z, has confessed that her love of clutter is her worse habit but she would love to change her untidy ways.

“I promise I”m working on this, but I could be less messy at home and keep the clothes in my closet and off the floor,” Contactmusic quoted her as saying.

The 28-year-old beauty also admits she is a workaholic and can”t stop thinking about her career, even during her time off.

She explained to Self magazine: “I love going to dinners, seeing plays, visiting museums and spending time with family and friends. I know it”s time to jump back into my work when everything I do starts inspiring lyrics and melodies and I can”t keep myself out of the studio.”


Singer Beyonce is obsessed with garlic and wants a lot of garlic dishes in her rider when she’s performing.

“Beyonce asks for spicy chicken legs coated in garlic, as well as steamed garlic spinach and broccoli. She also wants rose-scented candles and two bouquets of pink flowers,” reports dailystar.co.uk.

Beyonce Knowles has a stepbrother, as DNA test of a baby boy has confirmed that the singer’s dad Mathew is the child’s father.

Alexsandra Wright had earlier alleged that the ‘Single lady’ hitmaker’s parent had fathered her baby Nixon.

Now, Knowles and Wright are negotiating on the kid’s child support, according to TMZ.

Knowles was ordered to temporarily pay 8,200 dollars in monthly child support, after Wright filed a paternity suit in October last year, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Wright claims she had an 18-month affair with Mathew

Pop diva Beyonce Knowles has curves in all the right places, according to British women who have voted her the celebrity with the best body.

Beyonce topped the list for women, with 23 percent stating she had the best celebrity cleavage.

Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox went head to head to win over the men in this category, both receiving 19 percent of all male votes.

Megan Fox remained a hit with men with 20 percent naming her as the celebrity they would most like to sleep with if their partner gave them a celebrity pass!

Katie Price and Victoria Beckham didn’t fare well as they were voted as the worst celebrity figure by both men and women.

The poll was conducted by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, on 2,000 people – both men and women.

Beyonce Knowles is the celebrity with the best body, according to a poll of British women, while men prefer Hollywood actress Megan Fox.

The singer topped the poll among females with 24 percent of the vote, reports the Daily Express.

However, one in five men stated the ‘Transformers’ star has the sexiest body.

They also named Fox as the woman they would most like to sleep with if their partner gave them a celebrity pass.

The poll of 2,000 people, conducted by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, found that as well as being women”s overall body choice, Beyonce boasted the sexiest individual assets.

American singer Beyonce Knowles has announced a six-month break from music so that she can “recharge her batteries” and “just live life”.

The “Crazy in love” hitmaker will complete her 11-month world tour in Trinidad and Tobago next month and she’s revealed she won’t go back to work again until mid-2010, reports express.co.uk.

“It’s definitely time to take a break, to recharge my batteries. I’d like to take about six months and not go into the studio. I need to just live life, to be inspired by things again. I’m going to do random things. I want to go to restaurants, maybe take a class and see some movies and Broadway shows,” she said.

She also admits she will struggle to stay away from the studio.

“It will be the hardest thing in the world for me to make myself not do an album and shoot a video and turn it in and say, ‘I’m ready!’ I already have all these melodies and ideas in my head. I have to tell myself, ‘Sit down! Sit down’,” she said.