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This happy news has recently hit the headlines: Amy Poehler and Will Arnett have welcomed another boy!
Access Hollywood learned from a rep for the couple on Friday who said in the statement that Will Arnett and Amy Poehler had become parents to their second kid, a boy.

The tot of a star couple was in fact born a little bit earlier today.

The rep’s statement continued that the kid was called Abel James Arnett and he weighed in at 7 lbs., 13 oz. when he was born on Friday morning. According to the rep, Amy, Will, Archie, and Abel, luckily, were all healthy and were having a rest.

We know that the couple’s first son, who was called Archie, was born two years ago.

At that time Amy was still participating on “Saturday Night Live.” When her son was born in 2008, she even had to miss one episode. It is interesting that when she was preparing for the show and was doing rehearsals, she unexpectedly went into labor.

At the moment Ami takes part on “Parks and Recreation.” At the same time, her husband, former “Arrested Development” star, is working on his new comedy “Running Wilde.”


After Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was arrested last month on the Jersey Shore because she was drunk, she finally realized all the drawbacks of drinking alcohol too much…at least in the daytime.

The diminutive star of MTV commented her arrest for disorderly conduct that occurred on July 30 in Seaside Heights, NJ and was ballyhooed a lot. She said that personally for her it was a kind of wake-up call. Only after that incident she finally understood how much her proud family had been embarrassed.

Nicol revealed to the press at an MTV press event held on Los Angeles on Friday that her daddy had been very pissed. According to her, he said to her that he didn’t bring up her like that. After that “Snooki” felt so bad that she even decided to quit drinking alcohol during the daytime. Whenever she goes out, she only has a couple of drinks.

The girl says that on the day of her arrest she was drinking tequila, and when she was taken into custody at 3:30 she was totally drunk. She doesn’t remember practically anything about that episode.

It has been reported that the star is supposed to appear in court on August 18.

It has recently become known that one more person in Spencer Pratt’s family is currently coping with a breakup drama.

Not so long ago, Stephanie Pratt, his sister, split up with Josh Hansen, her motocross beau. This information was confirmed to PEOPLE by her lawyer.

Unfortunately, no further details of that break-up were provided, however, their relationship seems to have ended definitely not on amicable terms.

Hansen angrily Tweeted on Monday that it was another Stephanie Pratt’s dysfunctional move. He added that he had a feeling that the girl started her relations with her boyfriends in order to be dumped in the end.

The couple – Pratt, 24, and Hansen, 26 – met for the first time at a Hollywood nightclub through Brody Jenner. Their meeting coincided with The Hills last episodes. After that the duo’s romantic relations continued and they appeared on the red carpet together last month at the finale of the show’s series.

Stephanie immediately Tweeted back writing that it was Josh Hansen who was dumped. The girl asked her ex to stop acting like a kid. Her message finished with the following words “Now pls GO AWAY!!”

Ali Fedotowsky has reportedly found love that she was looking for.

The blonde beauty of “The Bachelorette” chose a 26-year-old insurance agent Roberto and gave him her last rose in Bora Bora, Tahiti. In return, she received an engagement ring from him.

Ali said to Roberto that she wanted him to know that she really loved him so much and that he was the only guy left there. The day before, the girl had let Chris L. go.

Roberto immediately got down on one knee and replied that he also loved Ali and wanted to grow old with her and to have an incredibly beautiful family with her. Then he made the girl a proposal.

Ali squealed “Yes,” and Roberto grabbed her in his loving embrace.

Fedotowsky also commented the situation that took place before “The Bachelorette” finale. 33-year-old landscaper Chris L. was asked to quit the show by Ali as she loved only Roberto. The star revealed that she knew Chris had been through a lot of trouble in his life and she simply didn’t want to hurt him even more. This guy had lost his beloved mother, and that is why Ali decided to let that amazing guy go home.

It has hit the headlines that Harvey Pekar, comic-book writer, passed away on Monday at the age of 70. It is not a secret that his self-deprecating, gruff travails and trials were reflected in the “American Splendor” series and in the same-title movie released in 2003.

Capt. Michael Cannon from Cleveland Heights police informed the Associated Press that Pekar’s wife called them to his home nearly at 1 a.m. on Monday. Unfortunately, the official death cause has not been released, however, it was said by Cannon that the deceased suffered from depression, high blood pressure, asthma, and prostate cancer.

The comic-book writer began to publish his stories in 1976 and in the 80s became incredibly popular thanks to them. Harvey Pekar was even invited on the show of David Letterman in the 80s.
When “The Quitter,” the graphic novel, was released by Pekar in 2005, he said to the News that he could really be a much worse person that he was. According to him, he realized that he was rather flawed, but he hadn’t killed anyone.

Only when the film “American Splendor” appeared on big screens, the whole world learned about Pekar’s struggle with cancer, the adoption of Danielle, their foster daughter, and his weird courtship of his wife Joyce Brabner.

We know that Shrek Forever After and Toy Story 3 have already gone, however, a new animated kid flick will be released this week. It is called Despicable Me. It tells the story about a guy Gru who is doing his best to be called the biggest bad guy in the world.

Steve Carell, TV and movie star, who is famous for such works as NBC’s The Office and The 40-Year-Old Virgin, was asked to provide the voiceover for the film’s supervillain who had an extremely unusual accent. The bizarre diction of Gru which can be characterized as pseudo-Eastern European accent, didn’t take the star months of fine-tuning. He says that that special speech was produced after minutes of inspiration.
Steve Carell shares with Liane Hansen, NPR’s reporter that he was always in that realm. Their creative team figured out that his speech sounded comical and evil at the same time. The star is really proud of its nonspecific, elusive quality. According to Carell, it would be difficult for everybody to determine what kind of accent he created.

Steve Carell smiles that his son John, who is six years old, is one of the biggest fans of his father’s accent. The kid is simply fascinated by the way his daddy pronounces “light bulb.”

Pop diva Britney Spears’ camp has hit back at allegations by her former part-time security worker Fernando Flores that she abused her two young sons.

Spears has two sons – Sean Preston, 4, and Jayden James, 3. Flores contacted the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services and alleged that Spears whipped one of her sons with a belt and forced another to eat food he was allergic to earlier this year.

“The allegations made by Fernando Flores are absurd,” dailymail.co.uk quoted a source as saying.

Children Services are believed to have investigated as they are required to do under Californian law and determined the claim had no merit.

“Social workers visited Britney’s house recently about the alleged abuse allegations. Anytime anyone makes a report to child protective services, a welfare check is required to be made under law to further investigate,” a family source said.

“It doesn’t matter who has made the claim, or how outlandish it may seem. During the visit by officials, there was absolutely no signs of abuse. The boys are happy, well-adjusted toddlers that love their mama, and Britney is fiercely protective of them.”