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Rapper Chris Brown has not been able to find any club willing to hold his 21st birthday party because venue managers are worried about ruining any potential relationship with his ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

The “With you” singer, who reaches the age May 5, is having difficulty getting a club in New York, Las Vegas or Miami to host his bash because they don’t want to upset his ex-girlfriend Rihanna – who he assaulted in February 2009, reports contactmusic.com.

“They don’t want to mess up their relationship, or their potential relationship with Rihann,” said a source.

As a result of the difficulties Brown is now looking to hold the party at a private home.


Chris Brown says he isn”t ready to get into a new romantic relationship.

“I”ve been kinda chillin”. I mean, I”m Chris Brown. I”m not saying it like that, but it’’s just, like, girls are gonna be around. I love women. But I would say I”ve just been chillin”,” People quoted Brown as telling MTV News.

“I haven”t really been trying to get into a relationship or trying to date anybody. I”ve just kinda been working on me. Like I said, just really getting me straight,” he added.

In recent interviews, Rihanna described how she was assaulted by her former boyfriend Brown following a heated argument in February.

Brown maintains that, while he respects her right to speak out, he wishes she”d kept the matter private.

He was sentenced to five years” probation and ordered to stay away from Rihanna after pleading guilty to the attack.

He was also ordered to undergo anger management counselling and complete community service.