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Now that her music career is over, Katie Price a.k.a Jordan is considering becoming a film star.

Her debut single sold only 3,000 copies.

The former glamour model is no stranger to movies as she starred in some of director Dane Bowers” early films.

Now she hopes to land a role in a comedy flick.

“Katie is serious. She auditioned for a part as a glamour model. Once she”s learned her trade, she”d like more serious roles,” the Sun quoted a friend as saying.

She apparently has her eye on a gritty indie Brit flick.


Katie Price a.k.a Jordan and her husband Alex Reid have signed a 600,000 pounds agreement to televise their marriage blessing.

The 31-year-old model, and cage fighter Alex, had a little ceremony in Las Vegas in February away from the media.

The new show, ‘For Better For Worse,’ will be filmed for ITV2 as a three-part series and it will follow the preparations, blessing and the honeymoon.

“It”s going to be great sharing this fantastic day with my friends and family. I can”t wait to celebrate our love for each other again,” the Sun quoted Jordan as saying.

Alex added: “Katie and I are really looking forward to spending our special day with our family and close friends.

“Seeing her walk down the aisle again and being able to share it with the people we love will make this truly memorable.” said Jordan.

Trouble seems to be brewing in glamour model Katie Price and Alex Reid’s paradise as it is said the pair can barely stand the sight of each other.

She and her cage-fighter husband can barely stand each other after their Egyptian trip turned into the holiday from hell.

The 31-year-old model has secretly told pals at times she regrets marrying the beefcake.

After winning Celebrity Big Brother, Reid is constantly going on about being a “top celebrity” and has even told his wife he wants to be as famous as Jesus.

“Alex’s ego is growing by the day and it is beginning to get on Kate’s nerves. She is quick to point out who the real star is, and it is definitely not him,” dailystar.co.uk quoted a source as saying.

“She just can’t help herself, picking on Alex’s faults and he is sick of her moaning.

“There’s an incredible amount of tension,” the source added.

Glamour model Katie Price a.k.a. Jordan is keen to do a cameo role in a film on her life.

The 31-year-old busty beauty is in negotiations to have her autobiographies adapted for the big screen and wants to appear in the movie briefly, reports imdb.com.

She said: “When I was in America I did talk to producers. I’ve always said I’ll do a movie. Once my next autobiography is out it will be made.”

“There’s a film made by Mel Gibson, “Paparazzi”, in which he makes a cameo I shall do something like that. It will be a good movie and it will happen believe me!” she added.

Model Katie Price, also known as Jordan, has reportedly inked a one million pound deal for her new series on ITV2.

The 31-year-old model will get 100,000 pounds per episode, along with a bonus 200,000 pounds “golden handcuffs” deal to keep her at ITV2, reports dailystar.co.uk.

Jordan’s ex-husband Peter Andre has also inked a 105,000 pounds per episode deal for his new series, “Peter Andre-The Next Chapter”, which starts in May on ITV2.

But sources says they were more worried about losing “What Katie Did Next” than 37-year-old Pete’s show as she has got more “pulling power”.

Her new series, which is already on air, covers her time in the celeb jungle, her split and reunion with Alex Reid, 34, and Christmas without Andre.

Cameras also followed the couple as they got hitched in Las Vegas just days after Alex won “Celebrity Big Brother” in January.

“Love her or hate her, Jordan is a huge hit for ITV2. Her series pulls in over 1.5 million people an episode, which is a massive audience,” said a source from the channel.

Model Katie Price has reportedly stopped husband Alex Reid from posing naked for a gay magazine.

The cage-fighter, who married the model last month in a Las Vegas ceremony, had agreed a deal with Attitude magazine to show off his physique in the publication’s pages with an accompanying interview. However, Price wanted to see the interview before it ran so she could approve Reid’s answers leading to the tension in the deal, reports thesun.co.uk.

“Alex and his manager, Chris Herbert, had worked out the deal and were ready to go ahead. It was going to be Alex’s bravest shoot ever, because he was going to be naked. But Katie insisted on having final approval on the interview before it ran. She sent Chris like 150 texts in three days, so in the end the shoot got cancelled,” said a source.

Model Katie Price who married cage-fighter Alex Reid in Las Vegas last week has revealed she can’t wait to have a baby with her new husband.

The glamour model says she is hoping to conceive this year, reports fametastic.co.uk.

“It’s no secret 2009 was a bad year for me and I’m really looking forward to 2010. I think it’s going to be brilliant and I can’t wait to get pregnant,” said Price, who already has three children from previous relationships.