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British TV star Kerry Katona has called time on the three-month-old relationship with her boyfriend.

The former “Atomic Kitten” singer split from painter and decorator Adam Waldon last week so she can concentrate on reviving her career and raising her four kids, reports newsoftheworld.co.uk.

“I’m just not in love with Adam – I never was. I don’t want to be anybody’s girlfriend. For the first time in my life I feel like I can stand on my own two feet. I’m staying single,” she said.

“It’s made me realise all I want is to spend my summer with my kids. I can’t be worrying about a man. I have to focus on my kids. It’s the first time I’ve been able to make a decision like this myself. I decided I just can’t split myself in so many ways,” she added.

Katona has two daughters, Molly and Lilly-Sue, with Irish singer Brian McFadden, as well as son Max and daughter Heidi with her ex-husband Mark Croft.


Ex-Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona has two of her girls’ names tattooed on her wrists, so that she doesn’t end up slitting them.

The ‘I”m a Celebrity…’ 2004 winner is haunted by her mum Sue’s attempt to end her life when she was a child.

Thus, the troubled singer has said that when she is at her lowest she looks at her arms and remembers she has loved ones who depend on her.

“So many people ask me why I tattooed my wrists – one says Molly and the other Lilly,” the Daily Star quoted Kerry, 29, as saying.

“My own mum tried to commit suicide by slashing her wrists. It was really selfish of her – I was in and out of care and foster homes.

“If I ever felt that low, I’d look at my wrists, think of my girls and it would stop me. Not that I ever would! My kids mean the world to me,” added Kerry