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Lily Allen, British pop star, has shared with the press that she will soon become a mom. That will be her first baby.

It has been recently confirmed by scan that the star’s pregnancy has lasted for 3 months already. So, Sam Cooper, the singer’s boyfriend, and the 25-year-old star will welcome their kid only next year.

Lily shares with the Sun newspaper that decorator Sam, who is 32 years old now, and she are totally happy. We know that the couple started their romantic relations last summer.

The couple’s friends and family were informed about the upcoming family arrival at the weekend.

Lily has never hidden her desire to give birth to a child, even in her interview given in May she confessed that she wanted to get pregnant by the end of 2010.

The star added that she wanted to spend at least the first two or three years with her tot in order not to leave it without care. In such a way the singer hinted that she was going to have a break form her pop career. Lily even bought a country house to settle there when the kid is born.


Singer Lily Allen slammed twitter.com for a second time – branding the social networking site as “dangerous”, even though she has started using it again.

The singer is wary of becoming too attached to the micro-blogging website because she doesn’t want to become self obsessed, contactmusic.com reported.

“I sort of ‘tweet’ here and there, I don’t do it as obsessively as I used to. It is very addictive and quite dangerous.”

“I think it can turn you into a sort of self obsessive (person). Why do you think that people would want to know everything that you’re doing? It has got negative connotations, I think. But saying that, it can be quite fun. It’s a way of communicating.”

Singer Lily Allen, who had stopped tweeting to please boyfriend Sam Cooper, is back to the social networking site and has started posting messages.

Thsun.co.uk reported that the singer announced on her Twitter, “Hello, I’m back,” following her Australia tour with Dizzee Rascal.

The 24-year-old, used to send at least 20 tweets a day to fans but admitted: “My boyfriend gets really angry. He’s like, ‘I want to spend time with you, do we have to have one and a half million people in the room with us?'”

Lily AllenLily Allen wants to have a Mongolian-style tent on side of her house that will remind her of her childhood trips to Glastonbury with her actor dad Keith.

“My plan is to build a yurt on to the side of my country house,” the Sun quoted her as telling Q mag.

She added: “You have the house for traditional living and, of course, running hot water and toilets. But the yurt is full of old Moroccan rugs where you hang out.

“I want to feel like I”m at Glastonbury year-round, with a few home comforts next door.

“I want to buy some barn buildings and do them up or buy some land and do a Grand Designs job.”

Allen has also engaged a property expert to help her “find the right project rather than buy a country house already tarted up”

And she’s also looking forward to Sam Copper’s help.

“He is in the construction business so will be able to tell me when my dreams are unworkable,” she said.