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Dina Lohan, Lindsay Lohan’s mother, has recently revealed to the press that the life of her daughter will come back to norm after she completes her 90-day treatment in rehab. The woman is sure that the Hollywood actress won’t face an untimely death. It is known that the star of Mean Girls was sentenced to jail this summer for her probation violation after 2007 arrest.

Instead of 90 days, the star served only 13 days in jail before she was transferred to a rehabilitation centre located in California. According to a court order, the star will have to spend 90 days in that medical facility where she is already being treated for drug addiction.

But Dina claims that the 24-year-old star is doing her best to rebuild her career and life in general and will definitely succeed in it if the paparazzi get off her back.
Contactmusic.com reproduced Dina’s words when she declared that she didn’t have a crystal ball and couldn’t foresee her precious daughter dying young.
Lindsay’s mother also adds that the actress will move back to New York after her 90-day treatment in rehab comes to an end. That will be done by the star in order to avoid Hollywood pressures.


Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina has slammed Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel for playing “hardball” in her daughter”s case.

Revel, who sent the ‘Mean Girls’ star behind bars, stepped down from the case this week.

Dina also alleged that Revel rescued herself because she faced potential backlash for going against the LA County District Attorney”s advice.

“I think she went overboard and played serious hardball with Lindsay. She was in [court] for missing a couple of classes … the judge put her in serious lockdown for two weeks with alleged murderers,” the New York Post quoted her as telling Matt Lauer in NBC”s ‘Today show’.

The 47-year-old mother of four even blamed others for putting false information out into the world about Lindsay.

“That”s all propaganda. What a lot of people are reading … I think a lot of it is pre-orchestrated. You”re reading things that are not facts.”

“When you”re saying ”works or not works,” I don”t know where you”re getting that information.”

Dina also said that her daughter’s life is under constant glare, which is not fair.

“As a parent, you have to let them go out a little bit — I think every child goes through a lot of different things. Lindsay, her life is magnified. I really think she”s under a microscope. In the old days, Julia Roberts and those girls didn”t have someone following them and their relationships — cheating on this one and that one. She can”t even go to a Starbucks without 12 cars following us. It”s not fair.”

Was Lindsay Lohan provided with any special treatment when she was serving her term in jail?
Radar Online reported that according to the words of Katie A., an inmate, the 24-year-old star received special treatment when she was at Century Regional Detention Facility located in Lynwood, Calif.

Katie told Radar Online that any time when Lohan left her cell, the entire jail locked down. It seemed to her that they were on lockdown all the time. Katie added that despite the fact that the actress spent so much time in her cell, several times a day she was released to go to the medical clinic.

That inmate also revealed to the press that according to the rules of Century Regional Detention Facility, a clean uniform is given once a week, whereas Lindsay received it every day.

It turned out that the star was given some other priorities. Picking up reading material for her was of great importance for the jail personnel. Katie explained that one jail worker was searching the whole day for books written by Ernest Hemmingway for the actress.

We still remember that Shawn Chapman Holley, the actress’ legal counsel, informed Access Hollywood.com last month that Lindsay Lohan didn’t receive any special treatment in jail.

It has been reported by tabloids that Lindsay Lohan has been transferred to a rehab facility where her 90-day treatment started. Even some details about her life there have emerged.

We know that the star, 24, is at Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital, UCLA’s highly respected facility, where she is reportedly treated for both addiction and psychological issues.

People magazine was told by a source close to the rehab program that the star’s program would be customized and she would be helped cope with everything she was going through. At the same time, Lindsay shouldn’t count on any special treatment.

According to the rules of that hospital, celebrities are the same patients as ordinary people. That is why they have to adhere to general rules.

What concerns restrictions, they are the following: the actress is forbidden to use a mobile phone – only common room’s payphone, she can’t have any make-up and be dressed in clothes with ties or belts.

There will be special hours allocated for visits – though Lindsay’s movements around the hospital are limited a lot.

The star’s treatment will definitely include strictly administered medication, group and personal therapy. At the same time the actress will be able to boost her creativity as board games and jigsaw puzzles are available for her there.

Everybody knows that Lindsay Lohan was crying all the time in court. However, several days before that a sexy and an incredibly strong Lindsay posed for Maxim’s cover.

Maxim editor in chief Joe Levy confessed on “The Early Show” that the actress turned out to look sexy, strong and confident in the photographs.

According to him, it was a real chance for the star to make a statement when she was experiencing a difficult period at that time. Though, we are all aware that that period became even more difficult for the star after that photo session.

The press wonders at the moment whether an absolutely new image of the actress can emerge.

Erica Hill, “Early Show” co-anchor, wanted to know all the details of Lindsay Lohan’s behavior during the posing.

Levy informed that the girl was on time and was working hard – she was involved in the process all the time.

He said that it was their first shoot that started on time and finished early. It was really easy to work with the actress who cooperated with Matt Jones, their photographer.

According to Joe, Lohan genuinely wanted to leave her troublesome past behind her.

Lindsay Lohan, who is set to face a 90-day jail term, is reportedly nervous and restless.

According to a source, the actress is not being able to cope with the fact.

“It”s been a rough weekend,” News.com.au quoted the source as telling the People.

“She has not been able to sleep and has barely been eating. All weekend, Lindsay kept crying, chain smoking and chewing her nails.

“She is a nervous, fidgety mess, and her legal team, family and friends are very concerned about her fragile state,” the source added.

It is not a secret to anyone that very soon Lindsay Lohan will have to forget about her fashionable clothes and put on a jumpsuit which she will be wearing for three months. It is likely that the star will be serving her term at the Century Regional Detention Facility located in Lynwood in California.

Legal experts have informed that due to the jail’s overcrowding the actress will be released earlier: from two weeks up to a month later according to the sheriff’s policy to release nonviolent offenders early. Moreover, her good behavior will also be taken into account. So, Lindsay Lohan’s sentence will start on July 20.

But what will the star experience in jail?

First of all, she will be fingerprinted, photographed, and searched upon entry. Then she will be directed to a 12-by-8 cell with two bunks, small tabletop, stool, sink, and toilet. There will also be a tiny six-inch window there. There is a possibility of Lohan’s segregation from the rest of the inmates.

22 hours per day the actress will be kept in her cell, an hour will be given for her free time and 20 minutes – for having meal. She will have to wake up at 5 a.m.